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    As a mental health care professional, I receive lots of questions about lots of issue, but Depression is very common. Depression is affecting lot of lives. But there are lot of unknown facts that you might be unaware about the depression, also there are lot of myths associated with this. I have tried to uncover those facts and burst myths about depression.

    Most of the peoples ask me that Is getting stressed or being Depressed?

    First, you need to understand that there are 6 primary basic emotions i.e., Happiness, Anger, Fear, Surprise, Sadness and Disgust. Which means sadness if normal human emotion, we get sad on many issues e.g., loss of job, failing in exam, break ups, death of loved ones but it will subside with times whereas, Depression is disease Mental illness, Abnormal Emotional State it is the category of Mood Disorder.

    How do we recognize Depression?

    Though diagnosing depression is the role of mental health expert but you can contact them if you see the following symptoms –

    Clinical Manifestations

    • A depressed or irritable mood most of the time.
    • A loss or decrease of pleasure or interest in most activities, including ones that had been interesting or pleasurable previously.
    • Significant changes in weight or appetite.
    • Disturbances in falling asleep or sleeping too much.
    • Feeling slowed down in your movements or restless most days.
    • Feeling tired, sluggish, and having low energy most days.
    • Having feelings of worthless or excessive guilt most days.
    • Experiencing problems with thinking, focus, concentration, creativity and the ability to make decisions most days.
    • Having thoughts of dying or suicide.

    Another frequent question asked by peoples that is it possible to have to depression if they have everything they need?

    Yes, it having resources doesn’t change anything it depends upon person to person. Sometimes you don’t have everything in life you are not happy from inside on the other hand peoples struggling for basic necessities even, but they are very happy with their life.

    Do children get depression?

    I would say yes, children are also human, and they also have emotions, so they are also likely to develop depression just like an adult.

    Can lack of sleep cause depression?

    It is recommended that 7 – 9 hours if not taken properly then it might trigger depression and also it might be the sign of depression.

    Will taking medications alone solve the problem?

    No, you need to work on holistic rather one approach i.e., medication, psychotherapy and healthy lifestyle.

    How long does depression last?

    It has not fixed answer, individual differences are there. Everyone has different coping strategy, caliber and resources which affects the variation in duration of depression.

    Is there a complete cure for mood disorders?

    It can be treated but can’t be cured completely just like any other medical disorder e.g., diabetes, hypertension (High Blood Pressure) can be treated with medication but can’t be cured completely.

    Is it alright to take alcohol with medications for depression?

    Usually, it is not recommended but alcohol might produce some side effects if combined with alcohol e.g., drowsiness, dizziness and coordination problems.

    What is the role of psychologist in treating Depression?

    Psychologists play very important role in treating depression. They provide therapies, counseling and adequate reflection of the scenario through which client gets insight that there could be other ways of dealing with the problems.

    Can depression be prevented?

    Not sure, it difficult to answer this question but better ways can be opted –

    • Understand your symptoms and take help whenever required.
    • Healthy lifestyle.
    • Learn better strategies to manage stress e.g., meditation and relaxation.

    What are the best strategies to manage depression?

    Since we can’t cure depression completely but we can manage depression by using following strategies –

    • Know your symptoms.
    • Consult your psychologist.
    • Healthy lifestyle
    • Meditation and relaxation


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