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    Crisis/ Grief Counselling

    Grief Counselling

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    Crisis is traumatic situation or event perceived by difficult to cope by the individual.

    Recognize yourself if you are in crisis –

    1. Dramatic shifts in sleep habits
    2. Changes in mood.
    3. Withdrawal from normal activities.
    4. Decreased performance at work or school.
    5. Neglect in personal hygiene.
    6. Changes in weight.


    Tanishka Pathak

    Specialization: Psychotherapist, Mental Health Counsellor and Relationship Expert

    Counseling Psychologist Tanishka Pathak is well known enthusiastic therapist at Noida. She has various experience in her field of counseling and providing therapies to the clients. Currently she is running her own practice at Noida, also she is providing online audio-visual counseling to her clients.

    Tanishka has been with me for a short while but it seemed I could connect with her forever. Her therapies worked for me and I really had no hope left .She did something which has benefited me otherwise it was impossible to move on in life. Thanks and I would like to visit sometime.

    Shubham, 2020


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